"Amp It Up" - Team Sherry

Making Our Mom's Final Wishes a Reality...Bringing Comfort to Those Battling Cancer

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What has Amp It Up - Team Sherry done so far???

"Amp It Up" - Team Sherry will continue to hold fundraising events in order to

 provide various forms of comfort to those battling cancer.  There are a lot

 of organizations focused on finding a cure...which some day will become a

reality.  The reality of today is there are people walking the halls of fighting

 cancer alone or with minimal support.  My sister Keri and I (Andrea) were

fortunate to be able to accompany our Mom on every treatment, doctor visit,

 hospital stay, etc.  We sadly saw many patients alone in their fight.  Our Mission

 is to provide comfort to those in that position of facing cancer alone.  We will

be working with different centers and locations to provide anything we are able

to in order to give patients something to focus on as they sit and take the

 poisons into their chest ports to beat their disease.  In 2014, we donated 3 flat

 screen TVs, 3 iPads with protective cases, several hundred dollars in iTunes

 gift cards, TV mounts, and magazine subscriptions to the Genesys Infusion Clinic

 at Genesys Regional Medical Center.  And in June 2015, our family went

 together back to Genesys to deliver 10 personal DVD players, headsets, a DVD

 movie library for patients to enjoy, a Bunn Coffeemaker and filters.

For our next gift we are looking to raise money for comfortable recliners

 for patients to relax in during their chemo treatments...

Our Mom wanted to do this once she was healed.  She is now healed in Heaven....leaving her daughters, family and friends to carry out her wishes.  Please join us in any of the upcoming events...anything you can do, big or small, can and will make a difference!! 


♥ We ask that you continue to "Amp It Up" with your prayers
 for those stricken with cancer ♥