"Amp It Up" - Team Sherry

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Bringing our Mom's final wishes to reality...Comfort those battling cancer !!

UPDATE (7/23/13)

As most of you know, our Mom passed away on April 24, 2013.  She went to Heaven peacefully in her sleep.  With the strength of family, friends and even strangers, we were able to still hold the benefit dinner just 10 days after her passing. This benefit was originally planned to help her with her medical bills.  We decided to continue to help those stricken with cancer in her honor.  Thru all the fundraising and incredible efforts, our Mom's fund has raised over $10,000.00 to date.  My sister Keri and I (Andrea) are continuing our grieving process, but will not let these efforts and the generosity of those involved be forgotten.  As a matter of fact, to fulfill our Mom's wish...we are going to be working hard to bring comfort to those in treatment and still battling cancer.  Her goal once she was healthy was to get flat screen TVs donated to the chemo rooms at Genesys.  We were privileged to join our Mom on EVERY chemo treatment or doctors visit.  Most patients are not so lucky and travel the journey alone.  Many patients sit in silence staring at the bare walls as they take the poison into their chest ports to battle their disease.  You do NOT understand what goes on until you or a loved one is in that hospital bed.  We are going to get TVs in those rooms, purchase Kindles for patients to use while sitting for hours taking meds to rid their bodies of cancer, and anything else we are able to do to bring comfort in our Mom's Loving Memory.  When our Mom's 9 grandchildren get back to school in the fall, Keri and I will dive in to make some of our Mom's final wishes become reality.  We will continue to hold events to fundraise to be able to help as many people as we can Fight the Fight!!! 

We ask that you please "Amp It Up" with your prayers for those stricken with cancer.


Sherry (Lord) Czerwinski was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer February 18, 2013.  She is unable to work and has mounting medical bills as she battles her way through the treatment plan.  She has a big fight ahead and we are all here to do what we can to help ease some of the financial stress so she can solely focus on the big picture of healed.

Sherry has two daughters (Andrea and Keri) who are fighting this battle with their Mom every step of the way.  She also has 10 grandchildren, and many family and friends behind her!!
We would love to have YOU support the family along the journey to healing as well!!

Thank you!!

Sherry's grandsons and their teammates wore pink in honor of her in their middle school's dodgeball tournament.  The boys battled 24 other teams...and took 1ST PLACE!! 

So proud of these young men to do this for her on their own !!









We LOVE and SUPPORT our Grandma!!
♥ Trenton, Zack, Caden, Braxton, Kyle, Carter, Ty, Gibson, Emerson
and our Angel in Heaven, Avery ♥


July 30, 2013

$400 to American Cancer Society